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Animated avatar of Kobra, a character created by Mahmood, which represents the “malelingue”, the vile tongues, those that pretends to be a friend but are not. In the background an instrumental snippet of the homonymous song extracted from the album “Ghettolimpo”.

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By purchasing this character you will get:
  • The exclusive NFT in a limited edition of 20

  • The Vinyl of Ghettolimpo

  • The Autographed Cover of the Ghettolimpo album

  • The A4 Poster of the Character of Ghettolimpo

  • Ghettolimpo’s special edition NFT audiocassette

  • If you buy at least 1 Character + 1 GHETTO WHEEL, for you also the exclusive Ghettolimpo T-SHIRT

* This is to be considered as a Combined Sale of Products and not as a prize draw